ICT.OPEN Proceedings 2017

ISBN 978-94-92579-027

David Katzmarek et al., Hamburg University of Technology, Germany 1-3
New Data Recording Plugin for the Integration of an Integrated Circuit for Neural Recordings into the Electrophysiology Open Source User Interface Open Ephys

Pablo Mendoza Ponce et al., Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg, Germany 4-7
Trade-off Study on Switched Capacitor Regulators for Implantable Medical Devices

D. van Ormondt et al., Delft University of Technology 8-13
Integral processing of two-dimensional hyperpolarised 13C-MRS data directly in the time-domain

Viviane Silva Teixeira et al.,  Hamburg University of Technology, Germany 14-17
Impedance Spectroscopy Measurement of Ionic Solutions in order to Distinguish between Different Ions

Fritz Webering et al., Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany 18-22
An Integrated Heated Testbench for Characterizing High Temperature ICs

L. Oudshoorn et al., University of Twente  23-26
Propagation of Delay in Probabilistic CMOS Systems