IPN (ICT Research Platform Nederland) unites all Dutch academic research groups that have ICT science as their core, and as such acts as a single point of contact for all matters relating to ICT innovation and its importance for our current and future society.

Who we are

IPN is a platform that unites scientists in the academic ICT field and acts as the authority when it comes to questions regarding future demands and possibilities of ICT science and how to prioritise research in this field.

What we do

IPN unites, strengthens and advocates academic research and education on ICT in The Netherlands, to help realise high-quality digitalisation agendas that enable society to face the ICT challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our way of working

IPN builds and maintains a national community, and develops policy to advance the field. The platform actively enhances diversity in ICT by stimulating the participation of women and minorities. IPN advocates the importance of ICT for our current society.