Relevant publications for the ICT field, either issued by IPN or by other parties, are:

I/O Magazine

IPN issues a quarterly magazine, called I/O Magazine (mostly in Dutch). This magazine is sent free of charge to ICT researchers and stakeholders of IPN. You can subscribe here.

Action plan Digital Science

IPN issued an action plan for The Netherlands to take a leading position in Digital Science.

The plan consists of five points:

  1. Diminish the shortage of ICT and data scientists by implementing an education plan for the entire chain, ranging from primary schools to academia.
  2. A national plan interdisciplinary Digital Science ensures the development of all the required disciplines.
  3. A national plan Digital Science accelerates the development of knowledge in The Netherlands.
  4. A structural doubling of the NWO budget, and an increase in educational staff.
  5. Digital science will be given a fitting place in assessment and management of science.

The plan can be found here.


In 2016, Team ICT issued the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (KIA) ICT. This report contains the ICT challenges and themes of various (top)sectors as well as cross-cutting ICT themes that unite the different sector challenges. Its objective is to identify instances of high-potential ICT innovation in the top sectors and to provide an agenda for public-private partnerships in the 2016 – 2019 period.

The agenda can be found here.

General presentation IPN

A general presentation about IPN can be found here.