The board of IPN is appointed for a period of three years. The current board members are:


Catholijn Jonker, TU Delft/University of Leiden – (chair).

The portfolio responsibilities of Catholijn Jonker include

  • Communication
  • Contacts with NWO
  • Contact with Topteam
  • Ethics
  • SIG Cyber Security

Marieke Huisman, University of Twente –

Marieke Huisman is responsible for

  • Contact with ICT with Industry
  • Contacts with industry
  • Contact with NWO Informatica Round Table
  • Contact with Topteam
  • Diversity (contact EDI working group)

Andy Pimentel, University of Amsterdam –

The portfolio responsibilities of Andy Pimentel are comprised of

  • Education
  • Research schools

The portfolio responsibilities of Gerard Barkema are comprised of

  • Advisory Board PRIO
  • Connection beta deans
  • Education
  • Steering Committee I-Partnerschap

Gerard Barkema, UU –

The portfolio responsibilities of Han La Poutré are comprised of

  • Diversity
  • ICT OPEN Steering Committee
  • International contacts
  • SIG AI
  • VSNU Knowledge table AI

Han La Poutré, CWI / TU Delft –