Call Cyber Security – Digital Security & Privacy opened

17 October 2018

Cyber attacks of varying levels of severity realised by various parties and actors threaten society daily. Managing security risks in the cyber domain is more urgent than ever for our increasingly digitised society. The broad societal importance of the cyber security challenge requires a joint effort of science, industry and government.

With this call for proposals, NWO wants to facilitate the need for research collaboration across the entire cyber security chain. The call is a joint initiative of NWO Science and NWO Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as the Task Force for Applied Research (NPRO- SIA). It offers the possibility to realise fundamental and practice-oriented research in a single project and to produce results that contribute to the knowledge base within cyber security, which can also be used by the public and private partners within the projects in the relatively short term.

This call is based on the National Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA) III. The NCSRA III describes challenges for cyber security research around five pillars: “Design”, “Defence”, “Attacks”, “Governance” and “Privacy”. The agenda forms a stimulus for multidisciplinary collaboration, as each pillar needs contributions from computer science, engineering, social sciences and humanities, for example. A budget of more than 5 million is available. Call partners are dcypher, Commit2Data, Social Infrastructure Agenda, and TKI CLICKNL. This programme has mainly been developed for ICT researchers, cyber security researchers, big data researchers, researchers from the creative industry, and researchers from the social sciences and humanities.

Projects for monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary research can be submitted. There is a two-stage submission process:

  • Deadline preproposals: 24 January 2019;
  • Deadline full proposals: 16 April 2019.

Available budget and co-funding
The maximum budget for this call is 5.5 million euros. Three NWO units are contributing to this: NWO Science, NWO Social Sciences and Humanities, and the Task Force for Applied Research (NPRO-SIA) SIA.

Co-funding from private partners and possibly from public partners is required. This must be at least 30% of the grant applied for, and 10% of the total budget must be cash from one or more private parties.

More information
See the call for proposals for more information.

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