Dutch Data Prize 2018 in Exact and Technical Sciences awarded

Research on the telephone book of the Internet wins Dutch Data Prize 2018 in Exact and Technical Sciences

The prize has been awarded for the OpenINTEL platform, a joint project of University of Twente’s research group DACS, SURFnet, SIDN Labs and NLnet Labs. OpenINTEL was selected among 47 submitted projects. The core project team of OpenINTEL consists of University of Twente researchers Dr. Roland van Rijswijk-Deij, Dr. Anna Sperotto, Mattijs Jonker M.Sc. and Olivier van der Toorn M.Sc.

The OpenINTEL platform measures, on a daily basis, the Domain Name System, that is, the telephone book of the Internet. In the almost 4 years in which the platform is in operation, OpenINTEL has given us unique datasets that lead to prestigious academic publications (e.g, IMC, USENIX Security, Journal of Selected Areas in Communications) and important collaborations (among which CAIDA-UCSD, Northeastern University, University of Maryland, TU Berlin, TU Munich).

This project was selected, according to the jury, as an extraordinary contribution to science by making research data available for additional or new research. The Dutch Data Prize has been awarded for the fifth year in a row.

The Data Prize awards three categories: 1) humanities and social sciences, 2) exact and technical sciences and 3) medical and life sciences. The winners received €5,000 and a sculpture. The €5,000 enables the winners to make their data set more accessible, for instance by organising a symposium or disclosing the data online.

The award ceremony took place Wednesday, November 28 at NWO and was embedded in an interesting programme for researchers, data supporters and data stewards.

More information on the research project: https://www.openintel.nl/

More information about the Prize: https://researchdata.nl/en/services/data-prize/