Plan for transition to full Open Access announced

Guidance on how Plan S is to be implemented was presented by cOAlition S 26 November in London. The guidance serves to clarify the Plan S provisions and describes implementation modalities. It also provides responses to questions and comments arising from online discussions and debates on Plan S.

Public consultation
Reactions, questions and requests for extra explanation regarding the announced implementation guidelines can be submitted from 27 November 2018 until 17:00 on 1 February 2019 via the website of cOAlition S.
NWO will organise a consultation meeting to get feedback in January 2019.

Attached you will find the presentation that NWO chairman Stan Gielen presented during the NWO Science Domain Round Table day of 5 November 2018 as well as a report of the discussion on this day (Dutch).
For more information, please visit the NWO website.