New board ICT-Research Platform Netherlands (IPN)

As of January 1st 2020, a new board has been appointed for ICT-Research Platform Netherlands (IPN). The members of the new board are: Catholijn Jonker (chair), Andy Pimentel, Patricia Lago, Gerard Barkema and Han La Poutré. The new board is currently working together with the IPN community on a vision document.

IPN unites all Dutch academic research groups that have ICT science as their core, and as such acts as a single point of contact for all matters relating to ICT innovation. IPN promotes academic research and education in the ICT field by building and maintaining a national community, and by developing policy to advance the field.

By now digitalisation has been recognised as key technology for innovation everywhere in virtually every domain: science, health, and engineering. ICT scientists play a crucial role in every digital transformation. The IPN community is working on an IPN Vision document that will focus on the subjects that ICT scientists foresee to be dominating the ICT research in ten years from now. Identifying those questions is important, as the ICT scientists will need to start working toward their solutions today. IPN organises a strategic session for expert opinions from all sides of the debate to discuss the first concept of the IPN Vision on the evening of March 16th. The final version of the IPN vision document will be published as soon as possible.

NWO runs the IPN secretariat.