Netherlands Prize for ICT Research 2023: Nominate candidates now

The Netherlands Prize for ICT Research is awarded annually by the members of the ICT Research Platform Netherlands (IPN), to recognise outstanding research in computer science. Anyone active in this field can nominate candidates for the award, which consists of €50,000 euros to spend freely on ICT research plus a certificate and a sculpture. The ICT Prize is also made possible by a generous grant from COMMIT\.

The prize is open to scientific researchers with a maximum so-called “academic age” of fifteen years [1] who are engaged in innovative research work or are responsible for a scientific breakthrough in ICT. As well as honouring the recipient, it is designed to promote the field in general.

The prize is generally awarded to a single person and is intended for Dutch researchers or for foreign nationals working at Dutch educational or research institutions. In exceptional cases, it may be given to more than one person if the winning work has been conducted equally by them.

As one of their assessment criteria, the jury considers how well the nominee has demonstrated an ability to explain their results clearly to the general public, in understandable language. The winner is expected to participate in the preparation of an NWO publication explaining the award-winning work and its importance in an accessible manner. This is distributed to schools and other institutions.

The Netherlands Prize for ICT Research is administered by the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW). To nominate a candidate, please e-mail the society’s Scientific Secretary, Prof. A. P. IJzerman, at The closing date for the receipt of nominations is 15 November 2022. You will find all the information you need to submit a nomination on the KHMW website.


[1] The term “academic age” refers to the number of years the nominee has been actively engaged in scientific research since obtaining their PhD. Temporary interruptions to a person’s scientific career are disregarded when determining their academic age.