If higher education does not invest in ICT now, we will miss the boat

The Netherlands must immediately invest in the ICT developments of tomorrow; otherwise we will miss the boat and have to buy this knowledge back later at a much higher price, without the possibility of influencing its direction. This is the message of a manifesto drawn up by the coordinators of Future Computer and Network Systems (FCNS), a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the ICT Research Platform Netherlands (IPN). For higher education, investments in ICT staff and infrastructure, ICT education in all subject areas and the proposal for a national curriculum in ICT are of particular importance.

ScienceGuide recently spoke with Prof. Dr. Ir. Alexandru Iosup (VU), co-author of the manifesto about ICT in particular and the culture of science in general. The latter topic is covered in a separate article; below is all the space for a discussion about the ICT future.

Read the full ScienceGuide article here (Dutch).