Dutch Prize for ICT research 2023 awarded to Dr. Cristiano Giuffrida

At the  conference NWO ICT.OPEN, on 20 April in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Dutch Prize for ICT research 2023 is awarded to Dr. Cristiano Giuffrida. Giuffrida is associate professor and co-leads the Systems and Network Security Group of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Professor Louise Gunning-Schepers, chair of the Royal Dutch Science Association (KHMW) and Professor Catholijn Jonker, chair of the ICT-research platform Nederland (IPN) presented the prestigious presented the prestigious prize. 

Giuffrida receives the prize for his exceptional achievements in the field of research into (solutions for) vulnerabilities in computer systems in general and his important scientific breakthrough in the field of hardware vulnerabilities in particular.

Attached to the prize is a cash prize of € 50,000, which may be freely used by the winner to strengthen his research. The prestigious Dutch Prize for ICT research is awarded annually to a senior academic scientific researcher who has carried out innovative research or who has been responsible for a scientific breakthrough in ICT. New this year is that the prize is funded by members of the ICT research platform Nederland (IPN) with a grant from COMMIT\, through the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW). In addition to the above-mentioned prize money for the winner, Dr. Giuffrida will record a video to explain his award-winning work and its significance. This will be distributed to schools and other knowledge institutes. In addition to the prize money, a video is produced explaining the award-winning work of Dr. Cristiano Giuffrida.

More information about ICT.OPEN you find here.

The previous winners of the Dutch Prize for ICT research are:

  • Dr Jasmin Blanchette – VU University (2022)
  • Dr Felienne Hermans – Leiden University (2021)
  • Dr Pablo Cesar – Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) (2020)
  • Professor Elmar Eisemann – Delft University of Technology (2019)
  • Professor Joost Batenburg – CWI / Leiden University (2018)
  • Dr Peter Schwabe – Nijmegen University (2017)
  • Professor Alexandru Iosup – Delft University of Technology/ VU Amsterdam (2016)
  • Dr Birna van Riemsdijk – Delft University of Technology (2015)
  • Professor Marieke Huisman – University of Twente (2013)
  • Dr Cees Snoek – University of Amsterdam (2012)
  • Professor Bettina Speckmann – Eindhoven University of Technology (2011)

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