The elevator pitch competition

On March 19th 2019 a total of 5 young researchers (Ph.D. students and post-docs) will enter the ICT.OPEN main stage for a 3-minutes ‘elevator pitch’. The goal of the competition is to stimulate young researchers to rethink the selling story of their research. These skills become increasingly important in an environment where researchers need to collaborate with industrial partners and policy makers to tackle societal challenges in the field of ICT. ICT.OPEN attendees this way get the chance to get to know the best communicators of scientific research in the field of Computer Science.

For preparing and selecting the contestants, a pitch masterclass will be offered before the event.

The criteria for being selected to compete in the elevator pitch:

  • Attend the pitch masterclass (registration through the abstract portal).
  • Four nominees will be selected by their own group of attendees at the end of the pitch masterclass (under three categories: clarity, charisma, and content).
  • One nominee will be selected by the trainer – the wildcard.

In total, 5 participants of the masterclass will be selected for competing in the elevator pitch.

The criteria to win the elevator pitch:

  • Perform the best 3 minutes pitch, without ‘PowerPoint’ presentation (or similar visual aid), and answer 2 questions from the audience.
  • One or multiple objects (props) can be used for supporting the pitch.
  • Be chosen by a jury composed of three ICT and/or communication professionals, following the threefold criteria: content, clarity, and charisma.
  • Be chosen by the audience, via an online voting system, following the threefold criteria: content, clarity, and charisma.

The prize

The best computer science communicator of the country will win the pitch prize of € 500,-.