A new part of the programme of ICT.OPEN are round table discussions. These sessions are intended for in-depth discussions between academics and other stakeholders on the possible contributions of ICT research to challenges with respect to the themes Energy, Healthcare and Mobility.

Since the intended depth of the discussions calls for sufficient experience, these sessions will be by invitation only for medior and senior researchers, as well as equivalent counterparts from industry, and societal or governmental actors.

This year, for the first time, ICT.OPEN will be an integral part of the Dutch Digital Conference (Conferentie Nederland Digitaal). The aim of this conference is for science, industry, societal organisations and the government to come together to find direction and solutions for societal and economic challenges in a society and economy that is rapidly digitalising. Specifically, the conference is to provide input for the elaboration of the Dutch Digitalisation Strategy. The programme of ICT.OPEN2019 is meant to support that aim.

You can contact NWO through ictopen2019@nwo.nl if you have questions about these round table discussions.