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9:30 Registration, coffee and tea — THEATERFOYER —
10:00 Chair of the day: Anna Villanova — Welcome by: Paola Grosso and Milan Petkovic (Chairs of ICT.OPEN committee) — THEATERZAAL —
10:05 Algorithms do not fall from Heaven: Holger Hermanns — Saarland University
11:30 Tracks Panarama Lounge Systems Engineering
Bedir Tekinerdogan

Shifting paradigm of cyberphysical systems
Invited Talk
Imre Horváth
Delft University of Technology

A variable-detail model methodology for engineering of cyber-physical systems
Tim Broenink and Jan Broenink
University of Twente

Developing a novel method of alignment to buried cavities in C-SOI wafers for the manufacture of MEMS devices
Christopher Mountain, Marta Kluba & Ronald Dekker
The University of Sheffield, England

How to Design the Paper Path of a Production Printer?
Joost van Pinxten, Martijn Hendriks, Twan Basten, Marc Geilen, Jack Kandelaars, Eugen Schindler, Lou Somers & Patrick Vestjens
Eindhoven University of Technology

FOYER 2ND BALCONY Artificial Intelligence
Lambert Schomaker
FOYER 1ST BALCONY Autonomous systems
Jan Broenink
Theaterzaal Joined track by ASCI, IPA, SIKS
Michel Westenberg (ASCI), Anton Wijs (IPA), Menno van Zaanen (SIKS)
Room 1 Software Engineering (VERSEN)
Marieke Huisman / Mark van den Brand
Room 2 Skills session: How to valorize your ict research
Dick Koster

Efficient Artificial Spiking Neural Networks
Invited talk Sander Bohté
Center for Mathematics and Computer Science

False Positive and Cross-relation Signals in Distant Supervision Data
Anca Dumitrache, Lora Aroyo & Chris Welty
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Priming Digitisation: Learning the Textual Structure in Field Books
Lise Stork, Katherine Wolstencroft, Andreas Weber, Fons Verbeek & Aske Plaat
Leiden University

The Knowledge Graph for End-to-End Learning on Heterogeneous Knowledge
Xander Wilcke, Peter Bloem & Victor de Boer
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

13:00 Lunch: Poster Session — Speeddates Sessions Information stands: NWO, IPN and Commit2data