Track committee

Birna van Riemsdijk (chair, TU Delft)
Veronika Cheplygina (TU Eindhoven)
Michel Klein (VU)
Maartje de Graaf (UU)
Maurice Peemen (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Maaike Harbers (Hogeschool Rotterdam)

Abstract panel session

Interactive panel session: “Where is YOUR moral compass in building AI systems?

Chair: Aysenur Bilgin
Date and Time: Day 2, 20th March 2019, 12:00-13:00

As data-driven systems are becoming the basic need for the survival of businesses and society, we need to ensure ethics is part of ‘doing the right thing’ rather than ‘doing things right’. In this interactive session, we will discuss active research on ethics-centred solutions that are becoming a part of computer science approaches. We will discover how putting ethics at the fore of research helps to innovate and build responsible systems. Our panellists will discuss their examples of ethical practices, providing lessons learned and their top tips to inject ethics into your research DNA. We strongly encourage the audience to participate in the discussion and share their ideas and experiences.

– Understanding why it is important to address ethical issues not as an afterthought but as a design requirement in building AI systems.
– Demonstrating that whether you work in research or industry, ethics should always play an essential role and that it is within the individual’s responsibility.
– Identifying areas where we can use applied ethical solutions as innovation drivers for Responsible AI.

Confirmed panellists:
Prof. Virginia Dignum, Prof. Hinda Haned, Dr. David Graus

Invited speakers

Michael Hoffman (TomTom)
Catherine Pelachaud (Sorbonne University)